At St James Primary School we aim to provide high quality PE lessons that engage and excite our pupils, and develop their motor, cognitive and social skills.

  •          Our school values of respect, joy, kindness, perseverance, and wisdom are at the forefront of our teaching in PE.
  •          A positive mindset is promoted throughout our PE lessons, with children being given the opportunity to develop their resilience and build confidence through their exploration of various physical activities. This includes gymnastics, dance, athletics, and team games.
  •          Through PE, we aim to give children the opportunity to develop their sportsmanship. Children learn to work together with their peers, show mutual respect and provide each other with encouragement.
  •          We also aim to create a love of sport through our teaching, with an emphasis being placed on providing children with an understanding of the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle.


 As part of the EYFS statutory framework, pupils are taught physical development; moving and handling; health and safe care. From this, children in the EYFS will learn to:


  •          Revise and refine the fundamental movement skills they have already acquired: - rolling - running - crawling - hopping - walking - skipping - jumping – climbing
  •          Confidently and safely use a range of large and small apparatus indoors and outdoors, alone and in a group
  •          Develop overall body strength, balance, coordination, and agility   
  •          Begin to take weight on different body parts
  •          Copy and link simple actions together


Across the school, PE lessons are taught twice a week, indoors and outdoors, with children being given the opportunity to use a variety of sports equipment including gymnastic apparatus.

  •         Teachers follow Get Set 4 PE in lessons, a scheme that has been embedded across the school.
  •          Key Stage 2 children benefit from specialist coaching in bikeability (cycle training), swimming, multi sports workshops, fencing and netball. 
  •          To ensure every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, teachers track pupil progress, following the progression of skills in PE which has been effectively mapped out from EYFS to KS2.
  •          Throughout their time at St James Primary School, children are given the opportunity to develop a love of sport through our extracurricular sports clubs. This includes football, tennis, and gymnastics clubs.
  •          Children also have the opportunity to develop their sportsmanship and leadership skills through taking part in Haringey sports competitions. 


  • Across our school children show wonderful enthusiasm for sport, with their being fantastic engagement in both PE lessons and extracurricular clubs. 
  •          Children have a growing understanding of the positive impact that sport has not only on our physical health but on our mental health as well.   
  •          Sport has created a fantastic sense of unity in our school, with children thriving when taking part in whole school initiatives.
  •          This includes our taking part in National Fitness Day, Sports Day, and was most evidently shown by our children’s amazing engagement in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel.
  •          In 2022 our school was ranked the top small primary school in Haringey, the third small primary in London and 47th small primary in the UK. 
  •          Children have enjoyed the opportunity to represent our school in Haringey sports competitions, returning with a sense of pride and achievement, regardless of any result.