Conscious Inclusion

Our aim at St James Primary School is

  • To create a school wherall pupils can thrive together 
  • To understand that diversity is about recognising and respecting differences to create an inclusive environment rooted in openness and humility 
  • To have courage and knowledge to be able to discuss and combat racism and discrimination
  • To ensure that diversity and inclusion includes a curriculum that liberates and empowers pupils

We aim to do this through

  • Provision of an inclusive curriculum, drawing on the rich heritage of our multicultural society across all subjects and throughout the year 
  • Teaching and learning accurately represents Britain’s diverse past and the society in which we live today 
  • Promote, through teaching, workshops and external speakers, an anti-racist and proactive approach, challenging all forms of bias 
  • Promote high aspirations and opportunities for all children, addressing any inconsistencies found through close monitoring 
  • Develop links and draw on expertise from within the local community 

Click on the link to view our intent and implementation for Conscious Inclusion.


Every half term each class focuses on a significant champion who are studied across the year.

These champions are across all areas of the curriculum through sport, history, science, music, artists, activists and mathematicians, children feel inspired by women and men from both the past and present. 

Here are a selection of some of these champions, for a full list please view the curriculum maps on our class pages.

Through adapting and auditing the curriculum we have ensured that it is inclusive and values the experiences, achievements and diversity of our community. Parents were consulted on this, gave their thoughts on how the curriculum could be developed further, and the curriculum we now have has been the result of this input.

It is important that all our children can see themselves in the curriculum.

Black History is not something we only talk about in October. Our school curriculum is inclusive and values the diversity of our whole community, and the teaching of black history is embedded throughout.

Instead, Black History month provided us with further opportunities to celebrate, reflect and focus our attention on black history and explore the themes of identity and belonging through artEach class took part in art projects on a different theme. 


For more information on our Inclusion policies, please click here