Welcome to our Reception class.  Reception is the start of a child’s school journey. It is where the foundations for future learning are laid. We aim to spark curiosity and expand the imagination so the possibilities of learning are endless. Through play, children begin to explore the world around them, make connections and forge significant relationships. Every child deserves the best start in life and by creating a nurturing, positive and enriching environment, we provide the opportunity for each child to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners.


Staff In Reception Class

Reception Class Teacher - Miss Rocca

Reception Teaching Assistants - Mrs Pavarani, Miss Cheng and Mr Brandford


Learning In Reception

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Reception Class Blog

Summer 1

This half term has been short but wonderfully busy, filled with so many exciting activities! We made the most of the warmer weather with outdoor P.E. sessions. Thanks to generous fruit donations from parents, we whipped up juicy fruit salads, mouth-watering apple crumble, and scrumptious banana fritters. Our term culminated with a fantastic STEAM week, where we celebrated our class champion Beatrix Potter, learned about sustainability by making new paper from waste, and embarked on a thrilling minibeast hunt to discover tiny creatures in our environment. The highlight was when Year 6 students joined us to create our very own kites. What a fun-filled term!




Spring 2

Our Reception class have had an exciting term filled with growth and learning adventures! From nurturing our own little green plants to embarking on thrilling worm hunts, our children have explored the wonders of nature.

International Week was a delightful celebration of diversity, where we sampled tasty treats like Turkish delight and okra.

In our 'A Life' workshop, we dove into the importance of healthy eating and exercise, embracing the fun of staying fit and strong. Our budding writers and readers have been making incredible progress, going from scribbles to sentences with confidence. I am so incredibly proud of the amazing individuals your children are becoming.


Spring 1

This term has been super exciting! We've had lots of special visitors, like parents, who taught us about their jobs and cool festivals. We even learned that some people in our community are like real-life superheroes!

We've been busy reading stories, writing letters, and playing with numbers. And guess what? We ended the term with a big party for Lunar New Year! We got to taste yummy foods from all over the world. What a fun way to learn about different cultures!

Here's to more adventures in learning and fun!





Autumn 2

Greetings from Reception class! We've had a whirlwind of exciting learning experiences this term. We've honed our math skills by exploring patterns and sorting, laying a solid foundation for future mathematical adventures. In phonics, your little ones are making remarkable progress in their journey towards reading and writing and wrote their very own Christmas wishes…we hope they come true!

To add a touch of sweetness to the season, we whipped up delicious chocolate-covered Oreos, for the Christmas fair and venturing into global traditions, we delved into the Festival of St. Lucia celebrated in Sweden. Additionally, our creative spirits soared as we crafted beautiful winter pictures, reflecting on the enchanting changes in nature during the autumn and winter seasons. And let's not forget the showcase of our beautiful voices in the sensational Christmas song assembly! Here's to a season of joyful learning and growth! Merry Christmas!



Autumn 1 

In Reception Class, we have had a spectacular first half term. The children have settled beautifully with boundless enthusiasm and energy. We have been forging new friendships and are learning to play together while we explore new activities and get to know our new school. The children are enthusiastically delving into the world of sounds and numbers. We met ‘Fred the Frog’ who helps us with our reading and writing during our daily phonic sessions and in maths we have been learning to sort and match objects by looking closely at their different properties. We are becoming artist and have been busy exploring collage and printing, and the children have created the most fantastic pictures and pieces of artwork. Well done Reception Class!