Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.  

In year 3, we are learning to be independent learners. We strive to use the skills and knowledge gained in key stage 1 to problem solve and deeper our subject knowledge. We work collaboratively to improve our learning and support each other in everything we do.  


Staff In Year 3

Year 3 Class Teachers - Miss Hambly

Year 3 Teaching Assistant - Miss Rose and Ms Lee


Learning In Year 3

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Year 3 Class Blog

Spring 1

We have had a great start to the Spring term in Year 3. In English our lessons have explored The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. We found the story really exciting and enjoyed writing our own versions of an ending for the story. Our class assembly was based around the story and we hope that everyone who got the chance to see it enjoyed it as much as we did!

One of our math topics this half term has been length, and we have enjoyed the practical side of measuring different objects around the classroom. We applied these skills we learnt from this to our science investigations and had a go at making and measuring the size of shadows as part of our light unit.

We have been on two school trips, to the Natural History Museum and the New West End Synagogue, both of which we really enjoyed! At the Natural History Museum we took part in a workshop on earthquakes and volcanoes, and learnt about what causes these natural disasters and how scientists can predict when they are going to happen. Our trip to the New West End Synagogue linked to our RE unit for the half term, and we got the chance to learn all about Judaism before looking around the beautiful synagogue. We can’t wait to go on some more exciting trips soon!

We are all looking forward to a break before the next half term!



Autumn 2

This half term has been exceptionally busy for Year 3. In English our lessons have explored The Pebble in my Pocket: A History of Our Earth by Meredith Hooper, and we have written newspaper articles recounting an adventure back in time.

Our Science lessons allowed us to explore some of the aspects of this book in further detail. We researched fossil formation, and the type of rock in which they can form. We also carried out several investigations, where we discovered that different types of soil have different properties.

We were lucky enough to be able to take part in several workshops, including a workshop where we retold the nativity story through dance. In the lead up to Christmas we have been learning some Christmas carols, and were able to sing some of our favourites to an audience at St James’ Church. We hope everyone got the chance to look at our amazing stockings that we made for the Christmas fair, and we enjoyed making these and taking part in several other Christmas craft activities over the last few weeks. We are all looking forward to a much needed break ahead of the New Year!



Autumn 1

Year 3 have been very busy this half term. We have been reading a book called Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch and wrote free verse poems about Caribbean beaches. We were lucky enough to participate in forest school in High Gate Wood, where we had the opportunity to explore, construct, play in and learn about nature. We also undertook a Bikeability course, where we learnt about bike safety and improving out cycling skills.

In Science our topic has been Animals Including Humans, and we have been learning about both human and animal skeletons and how their muscles work. Many of us completed homework projects based upon this, by making posters or skeletons.

As it has been Black History month, we have been learning about inspirational female athletes, including Wilma Rudolph and Nicola Adams. We conducted our own relays events in PE inspired by the Olympics, and even had a go at making some Olympic medals!



Forest School

Every Wednesday for the first half of the Autumn term, Year 3 spend time at Forest School in Highgate Woods.  The ethos of Forest School allows children the time and space to develop skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experiences. It also allows teachers to step back and observe the children in order to then encourage and inspire individuals to achieve.


The children will be taking part in all sorts of activities that are linked to parts of our curriculum such as Geography or Science and they include: games; storytelling; natural art activities; exploring, nature watching and bug hunting; climbing, rolling; practical woodland skills (e.g. willow weaving); building dens; time to be quiet, reflect or talk.