St James C of E Primary School

Welcome to St James CofE Primary School where our values of Kindness, Wisdom, Respect and Joy underpin our aim to provide an outstanding education for all our children, which develops and nurtures the whole child so each individual can flourish confidently.


Home School Agreement

At St James, we recognise that children learn best when a purposeful partnership exists between home and school.  To ensure our children reach their full potential...


We ask parents to try to

  • See that your child goes to school regularly, on time and in correct school uniform
  • Let the school know about any problems that might affect our child’s work or behaviour
  • Support the school’s policy and guidelines on behaviour
  • Take responsibility for the behaviour of your children
  • Support your child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about our child’s progress
  • Get involved as much as you can with your child’s life at school.

As the school, we will try to

  • Promote a knowledge and love of God and the teachings of Jesus
  • Encourage your children to do their best at all times
  • Inform you of your child’s progress through regular meetings and an annual report
  • Keep you informed about school activities through regular newsletters, notices and the website
  • Let you know about any concerns or problems that affect your child’s work or behaviour
  • Set, mark and monitor homework and provide feedback to children
  • Contact you if there is a problem about illness, injury, punctuality, attendance or uniform
  • Listen to your concerns about any aspect of school life
  • Deal with any complaints sensitively and within the framework of the school’s complaints procedure.

For our older children (KS2), we think it’s important that they have a responsibility for their behaviours and so we ask them to try

  • To be polite and helpful at all times
  • To help take care of their school
  • To do their class work and homework to the best of their ability
  • To come to school looking smart in their school uniform
  • To keep the class rules