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St James Primary School Food Bank

We are proud to announce we are now a Food Bank Collection Point for Food Bank Aid who supply a number of different food banks across North London, liaising with each one and supplying what is really needed, thereby avoiding surplus stocks of food or other products.

Food Bank Aid was set up in April 2020 to support North London food banks as they struggled with more than triple the normal demand through lockdown. Since then, they have grown, thanks to the support of volunteers and donors. Every week donations support 15-20 food banks across North London, which together, help around 12,000 vulnerable people including 3,000 children.

The St James Primary School community has always been incredibly generous and supportive of others. We really hope that you will be able to add an extra item or two to your shopping list and bring this to school to be added to our food bank collection.

Where will the collection point be?

The collection point will be set up next to the lost property boxes opposite the bike sheds. You will find two blue boxes with the Food Bank Aid logo on them. Children can place items in the boxes on their way to class in the morning.

What can I donate?

Please check the list attached from Food Bank Aid explaining what items can be donated. Generally, this should be tinned items such as fish, fruit or vegetables and rice, grains and noodles or toiletries. This poster will also be on our notice board and on classroom doors.

When can I start making a donation?

Our collection point will be up and running on Monday 22nd November 2021.

How often can I make a donation?

As and when you are able to. We plan to set this up as an ongoing collection point. We will then deliver the items to Food Bank Aid.

How will your donations get to Food Bank Aid?

Based at Chaplin Square, Great North Leisure Park, London N12 0GL, we will deliver your donations. If however, any parents are able to help with transporting items to the Food Aid Bank hub, please do let the School Office know.



Thank you for all of your wonderful support and donations to launch our Food Bank.