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St James C of E Primary School

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Friends of St James

The Friends of St James is our PTA. When your child starts here, parents automatically become a member of The Friends which is a registered school charity. Loads of school mums and dads are actively involved in it and it's our job to do two things…

The first is to raise money for our school. Parents here have always been extremely generous of their time and their money and everything that is raised goes straight back to the school to benefit all the children. In the past we’ve equipped the school with interactive computers in each classroom and new playground equipment. We also give each class an allowance every term that goes towards things like the cost of cooking ingredients or small art projects that the teachers can use to bring their lessons to life.

Our second and equally important job, is to make everyone at St James Primary feel like part of a community and to organise things that are fun for our children and their families. Each year we run all school events such as a Summer Fair, Christmas Discos, Quiz Nights and Bonfire Evening. But we also get involved in smaller things such as uniform sales and class cake sales. All these are put on by the Friends and help to bridge the gap between home and school.

Every Friday afternoon after school, each of our classes run a cake sale in the large playground. Children and their parents and carers are welcome to stay and play in the playground until 4pm.  A big thank you to all our parents and carers who help with these and make them such a success.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Friends Summer Family Disco

Thank you to everyone who came to our incredible Easter Egg hunt!