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St James C of E Primary School

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Friends of St James

The Friends of St James is our PTA. When your child starts here, parents automatically become a member of The Friends which is a registered school charity. Loads of school mums and dads are actively involved in it and it's our job to do two things…

The first is to raise money for our school. Parents here have always been extremely generous of their time and their money and everything that is raised goes straight back to the school to benefit all the children. In the past we’ve equipped the school with interactive computers in each classroom and new playground equipment. We also give each class an allowance every term that goes towards things like the cost of cooking ingredients or small art projects that the teachers can use to bring their lessons to life.

Our second and equally important job, is to make everyone at St James Primary feel like part of a community and to organise things that are fun for our children and their families. Each year we run all school events such as a Summer Fair, Christmas Discos, Quiz Nights and Bonfire Evening. But we also get involved in smaller things such as uniform sales and class cake sales. All these are put on by the Friends and help to bridge the gap between home and school.

Teachers and support

Last year you have helped us to recruit a number of specialist teachers to enrich our curriculum and provide additional support from our teaching assistants.  Staffing is one of our biggest costs as a school – in fact it takes up 85% of our budget.  We wouldn’t be the school we are without our amazing teachers and teaching assistants and support staff.  

To all our parents and Friends of St James CofE Primary School from Ms O'Brien and everyone here at St James

We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for your generousity, fundraising,  volunteering, positivity and support in helping to make St James Primary the very special school that it is.

In the past we have always had a wonderful group of parents who have ensured that the Friends play an active and crucial role in the life of our school.  Not only raising money for us, but also bringing school and home lives closer together.  We find that when our children  look back on their time at St James it is more often the Summer Fair or a workshop where they’ve learnt to juggle that they remember most, rather than when they learnt their 8 times table or where to use a question mark!

This year, with the huge reduction in our budget by the government, the Friends have had an even more important role to play and you have been amazing.  Your energy, creativity and enthusiasm for raising funds to support us has meant we have been able to provide our children with some incredible  experiences  and learning opportunities that they might not have been able to have if without you.

Every single penny you raise or time that you volunteer makes a difference in what we can do for our children and so once again thank you to Liam and his team and to every parent at St James.  These are just some of the fantastic things you have enabled us to do this year (and we’re only half way through!).

With our very highest regards and thanks

Ms O’Brien and everyone at St James Primary School


You can download our latest newsletter here


Our Local Partners

Housebuilder 2018 – Best design of 3 stories or fewer

Best Urban Design award at the Haringey’s Design Awards 2018


The Friends of St James Primary School are delighted to be able to work with a number of local businesses and partners whose support and generosity towards the school is invaluable.

In particular a joint venture this year between our school and Hill and Hanover - partners of the prestigious Woodside Square development opposite our school on Woodside Avenue -  has been very welcome.

We have worked with Woodside Square on a number of activities promoting both the beautiful properties they have on offer and introducing them to our local community.

In return they have lent a helping hand to some areas of improvement across our site which have made a fantastic difference to our school and they have also hosted a wonderful event for us one Sunday afternoon in their beautiful common house facility which is also available to the wider community.   

We are also excited that they will be part of further events such as our Christmas and Summer fairs.

Please look out for further updates in our Friday newsletter.  And for more information on Woodside Square please visit their website

Classroom Resources

You may not know that each term the Friends donate £150 to every class in school to help pay for additional resources our teachers might need to make a lesson or a topic really come to life.

Sometimes this can be  for a special art project  or to buy supplies for a cookery lesson or  to purchase materials for experiements during Science week.

Reception last term spent some of their budget on a buying a model of Noah’s Ark.  The model - with all the animals and Noah and his family - helped to bring to life the story of the great flood and helped our four and five year olds to learn about telling stories and counting in twos. 

It’s a resource that they have treasured in that class and used frequently and we know it will be loved by our new Reception children who join us in September.