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Writing @ St James Primary School

To celebrate the 50thanniversary of the first Moon landing we asked the children to write letters and messages that they would like to be left in a time capsule on the Moon.  The purpose of the writing was to tell anyone who found the letters or messages about our planet.  The children's views make interesting reading. This was the first piece of writing of the year and was written without any support. 

'My world is exciting and fun and life on Earth is amazing.  I have family and friends and I go to school.  There is also lots of technology like iPhones and iPads.

Right now the world is beautiful and we need to keep it that way.  We need to stop polluting OUR world'

Anashe – Year 4

'I’m writing to tell you about how amazing our world can be.  You may not know much about our planet but it is very nice with very nice people! Our planet has many marvellous things like long rivers, tall mountains and enormous oceans.  We also have many incredible animals.'

Eline – Year 3                                                               

'Hooray! We made it.  In 1969 the first rocket landed on the Moon and that was a big achievement.  But now we’ve evolved.  Technology is incredible, and some places are really beautiful.

Not everything on the planet is good, though.  Global warming is absolutely destroying the ice in the Artic/Antarctic, ergo destroying the home for the polar bears.  Pollution is also causing global warming. Wars are destroying our planet.  Sickness can spread everywhere.  Plastic in the ocean is causing fish and animals to get sick or even die

Let’s work together!  Together we can make the planet a better place'

Andreas – Year 5

 'I am Mina and I come from a peaceful world and I’m writing this letter to tell you how important the world is. We are special because we are not on any other planet. Water is the most important thing so we can drink.  I am worried about pollution.'

Mina – Year 2

'My experience of Earth is of natural wonder and beauty surrounding us.  Imagine lush, green trees, imagine white sand shimmering in the fading sun.  On Earth there are calm, untouched oceans.

Sadly, this is fading.  Humans haven’t looked after the world as we should have.  Pollution has caused this.  Air pollution causes illnesses that can end in death.  Many sea creatures have been found dead full of plastic.  However as bleak as it sounds we still have a chance to fix it.  There are people trying to make a difference…

I hope your planet isn’t having the same problem as we are.  Overall, care for your planet and all you get from it, look after your planet’s wildlife.  If you don’t you will regret it someday.'

Rosie – Year 6

'I will leave a rainbow gem on the Moon'

Elodie - Year 1