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St James C of E Primary School

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Our Summer Term STEAM Week

This week was STEAM week at St James Primary. Our theme was Toys. The children have been busy making rockets, kites, zip wires, pull along toys, firing cup toys, plastic bottle cannon balls, catapults, jumping fogs and swinging animal toys. They have even been standing inside giant bubbles!

Thank you to everyone who fired rockets in the playground, tried to throw an origami boomerang and guessed the magnified image. Well done to the science technicians and to Haroun and Chad (Elm) for leading these activities.

We made birds that pecked!

And we made toys that moved.

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Year 6 Autumn Term Science Lessons

Year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system. They made models of the heart, identifying the different parts and the job they do. Then they dissected a sheep’s heart and found the four chambers, the aorta and some veins. We felt the heart and learnt that the side that pumps blood away from the heart is thicker than other.

Science Experiments in Reception class

This term the Science Technicians led an experiment in Reception where they made a Christmas tree out of bicarbonate of soda and then made it disappear using vinegar. The Reception children made predictions about the outcome that ranged from ‘I think it will rise like a cake’ to ‘I think there will be bubbles!’