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St James C of E Primary School

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This academic Year in both school and Home Learning, we will be using the scheme White Rose.
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White Rose is beneficial for the children in the following ways;

  • It recaps on the previous year’s learning, to ensure any gaps or misconceptions can be addressed
  • It builds on concepts, helping the children to deepen their understanding.
  • There are mastery questions throughout, to challenge the children appropriately.
  • It encourages a Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to Maths, ensuring that children are able to apply the taught concept in a variety of ways.

You can also follow along with your child’s learning . Through this, you can recap the learning we have done at school and embed their understanding further.  Please click here for more information


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Maths Mastery

We also use a Draw, Prove, Explain approach in our Maths Journals, focusing on children’s deeper understanding of the process by which they answer a question.

Draw a variety of ways to solve the problem.

Prove that you are correct.

Explain the most effective process to reach the answer