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St James C of E Primary School

Learning to live, living to learn, learning from Christ

Conscious Inclusion

At St James Primary School, our aim is

  • To create a school where all pupils can thrive together 
  • To understand that diversity is about recognising and respecting differences to create an inclusive environment rooted in openness and humility 
  • To have courage and knowledge to be able to discuss and combat racism and discrimination
  • To ensure that diversity and inclusion includes a curriculum that liberates and empowers pupils

We aim to do this through

  • Provision of an inclusive curriculum, drawing on the rich heritage of our multicultural society across all subjects and throughout the year 
  • Teaching and learning accurately represents Britain’s diverse past and the society in which we live today 
  • Promote, through teaching, workshops and external speakers, an anti-racist and proactive approach, challenging all forms of bias 
  • Promote high aspirations and opportunities for all children, addressing any inconsistencies found through close monitoring 
  • Develop links and draw on expertise from within the local community 

ARISE Parent Workshops

In order to make them accessible to as many parents are possible, we have decided to move all of the workshops online only.  The three week program will begin next week.  The meetings will be from 5.30pm – 6.30pm.  There is no need to book just use the link below for the first session


How I should be talking to my children about race Intro, Why do we need to have these conversations? Talking with children ages 4-7 about race, talking with children ages 8-11 about race, Q&A, conclusion.  To watch this session, please click this link


Celebrating diversity.  Leading by example - combatting parental prejudices and cues picked up by children, celebrating your own and other cultures, representation matters.


How can I empower my child? Bringing up race how to raise a confident and proud child, how to empower your child to be anti-racist, giving your child the tools to stand up for themselves and others.


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