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Newsletter 22nd May 2020

Welcome to our last newsletter before the half term.  We hope you have  a safe and fun one with your family and hope to see you soon.  Take care, from us all at St James Primary School.

If you have any pictures of news for the next newsletter, please email them to  

Well done to Oliver and Julia this week.  Oliver made a cake for the ICU nurses at the Royal Free Hospital and Julia made them jewellery to say thank you for all that they are doing.


Half Term Fun

If you're looking for fun, virtual things to do over half term, take a look at this booklet from Haringey which will give you lots of ideas.  You can find it here

Lots of you have been having fun this week.  James made a cardboard pirate ship, Becca and Benji went surfing in their garden, Bee and Atti  did some lino printing and Niall designed a building as part of a Teenstech challenge to build a 'City of Tomorrow'

Wonderful Word Clouds And Taxgedos From Year 6

Well done to Aria for some fantastic home learning this week.  Miss Boston was very impressed!

Science experiments at home!

A Victorian School Inspector's report by Izzy

Inspector review

When I first walked into this school everything met my standards.The walls were completely bare and spotless as it should be.When I strode into the classroom the teacher was giving the class a daily arithmetic lesson.A boy started to misbehave and I lingered to see what she would do.She bought him up and caned him. I nodded in approval.

I witnessed an abundance of punishments including;A girl who didn’t know arithmetic was given the dunce hat and walked into the corner in shame. A boy was chatting in class so she put him in the punishment basket. I thought this was an excellent display of control.

The materials they used satisfied the needs. Chalk and slates were used to write on and copperplate was used exceptionally. There was one particular boy who was unruly and complained when having to rub his slate clean though the teacher soon took care of him and put him in his place.

The food seemed to fit the children well. The cooks prepared a meal of meat,vegetables and a small glass of milk. Everything needed to keep a healthy child growing and strong. Some children refused to eat and were beaten severely.

 Overall my time here has not gone to waste all the children seem to be working hard.A jolly good 9/10. The one thing wrong was that there were not enough teachers to help around.  You would never regret sending your child here.

Report by Thomas J.Ford

Teacher News this week...

Miss Boston has been on lots of local walks, Mr Chandler has shaved off his beard!, Mr Evans brought in cakes to school on his birthday, Mrs Moore has been baking Monkey bread and Miss A'Herne finished a 1000 piece jigsaw.  

More brilliant Home learning this week from across the school

Fundraising News From The Friends Of St James Primary

.Looking for a half term challenge - raise money for the school! 

The Friends of St James is now set up on justgiving which means anyone can set up a page and start fundraising for the school. Click on the link here to take you to our page (it’s not very pretty yet!), click on ‘Fundraise for us’ and you’re away. It’s very easy to set up a page, click [here**] for a step by step and some ideas. It doesn’t have to be a big challenge, and you don’t have to raise a lot of money, but every pound you raise will go to the school.

Or run a pub quiz! - Another pub quiz was held on zoom by a group of parents, raising £160 for the school. And a further one is planned this weekend. If you would like to organise an event with a group of friends to raise money for the school please get in touch with Jude on to use the quiz. It’s very easy to run - you will get a powerpoint document and all the instructions for using it and scoring the quiz. All you need is a zoom account. Feedback so far has been excellent! Huge thanks again to Simon Oliver for setting all the questions. 

Mount Everest challenge - The Neill family are currently climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest as a team by climbing the stairs in their house over 21 days - 29,035 feet from sea level or 58,070 stairs! They will reach the summit next week! If you would like to sponsor them, and raise money for the school, please click here to go to their justgiving page. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored them so far.
The total so far - In just the last few weeks, thanks to everyone’s donations, we have raised £2,000 for the school. The Mortons and Hammills have made generous donations that will be matched by their companies, which makes the total so far just shy of £3,000!! And it's starting to fill the gap of all the cancelled events this year. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful generosity. If you would like to make a donation please get in touch with Liam on, or Jude.
See more information on Justgiving here.

From everyone at St James Primary, we just wanted to say...

to all our parents, children and families for all that you are doing to raise money for our school.  Your generosity is hugely appreciated by everyone here.

News From St James Church

Dear Parents,

St James Church are inviting your child to take part in their 'St James Kids Lord's Prayer'
Lords Prayer video.png

Many of us have enjoyed watching video montages of people in their various homes all take part in something that ‘brings us together’. We'd like to put together a special feature for our online service, with children from St James saying the Lord's Prayer together. Here's how your child can take part. 


First watch this 90 second video for the instructions .  

Then use this video as your 'guide track' for your child to read along to (to ensure all children are roughly in sync)


Video quality is reduced when sent using social media or Whatsapp. For best results, transfer it to your computer and upload it to


We are aiming to include the final video in the 10:30am service on Sunday 31 May 2020 on St James Muswell Hill's Youtube channel It will be available to watch for 7 days before being removed.  Please upload your video by Wednesday 27 May 2020 12noon.

We need to make sure you have understood how we are using the video, and give your consent for your child to appear online so please complete this short form


During this time, church is still happening online.  You may also be interested in watching videos for children from St James Church on these two YouTube channels:

Or maybe you would like to join our family Zoom sessions (get in touch with if you would like to be granted access to this).

 We would love to hear from you and how we can be praying for you during this time, so please do get in touch.

Ashley Nichols, Head of Children’s Ministry, St James Muswell Hill

The Firework by Rev Mark Murthen


On Thursday nights at 8pm, I go out of my front door and start clapping. It’s a lovely time to see the people on my street, and we’re usually smiling and waving to one another. I usually say a silent prayer for all the key workers too. At my end of the street we’re quite polite with our clapping; but further down they are a little more noisy. I can hear pots being banged, and people blowing whistles too. But elsewhere in Muswell Hill I could hear fireworks too. They make the loudest noise! 

It’s not the normal season for fireworks. It’s not the 5th of November, nor welcoming the start of a New Year. You could say it’s still too light to see the beauty of a firework. But nonetheless, fireworks are there to help us celebrate.

 On Thursday 21st May the Christian church all over the world will be celebrating an important event called the ‘Ascension’. It’s not as well-known as Christmas, Easter, or even Pentecost, but it is significant for Christians. On Ascension Day Christians remember Jesus returning to heaven forty days after his resurrection. About ten days afterwards the church then celebrates Pentecost: remembering when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live in the hearts of all believers.

There are lots of reasons why it’s important, but here is just one for now. Jesus told his disciples that ‘it’s better if I go away, because unless I go, I can’t send you the Holy Spirit.’

We rarely think it’s a good thing when people we love go away, but that’s exactly what Jesus says. Jesus knew that as physical person he could only be in one place at one time. He could not be in Jerusalem and London at once. The Holy Spirit, however, does not have a physical body. That means the Holy Spirit can be in the hearts of Christians in Jerusalem, London, ,Rome, Beijing, Lagos…. In fact everywhere where there are people trusting Jesus, the Holy Spirit is there!

That is why Ascension Day is like a firework! Jesus alone returns to heaven, so that the blessing of the Holy Spirit can explode all over the world!

If this sounds familiar, then it shows you were listening to me last year in assembly!  And you might remember that I showed a clip of the world’s biggest firework.

Well, on the 8th February earlier this year, that record was broken. And here is a link to a clip of that record breaking firework.   As you watch it again, or if you hear a firework on Thursday night, remember the celebration of the Ascension! 

You can read about the Ascension in Acts 1:1-11.  And here’s a short-animated version of the events of Easter, Ascension and Pentecost.


Don’t forget St James Online. 1030 each Sunday for a live 35min service with songs, prayers and a 10min talk.

God bless - Mark


Revd Mark Murthen, 020 8051 315