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Newsletter 1st May 2020

Happy May Day to everyone!  Whilst we know it won't be celebrated in quite the same way this year around the world, did you know that in Hawaii they crown a Lei Day Queen rather than a May Queen?  Lei's are the beautiful flower garlands that Hawaiians make to hang round your necks. 

In Bulgaria, May Day is associated with snakes and lizards and local communities perform rituals such as jumping over small fires to protect themselves from being bitten in the fields.  In Finland, many students hold parties that last all night and end in them 'crowning' statues in their town with their hats. And in Maidstone, Kent in the UK, Morris dancing on the town's local bridges is a tradition there.

As usual we love to see what you've been doing - whether it's taking up new hobbies or starting some new traditions of your own with your family.  If you have any for the next newsletter, please email them to  

Take care and we hope to see you all soon.

Look what we've been making and baking this week!  Well done to Mia and Emily for cooking dinner, Rosie for making profiteroles, Mia for also making Viking bread and Leo for celebrating the Victorians by making a Victoria sponge!

Congratulations to Baxter who has been awarded 'Player of the League' by Highgate Cricket Club for their newly formed indoor league.

Whether it's been inspired by our home learning or just because it's fun to do, you've spent another week being very creative!

Well done on your home learning this week everyone - we are very proud of you all and can't wait to see what you'll be sending us next week.

Teacher news this week!

Miss A'Herne has taken up crocheting, Mr Chandler has been busy making  greenhouse from upcycled materials and Mrs Girling has been sorting old toys to pass onto others.

And as always we've been having fun and playing


by Tabitha Doman

“Mmmmm.” That sweet-smelling splendour.

A Golden Casing Acting like a

shell to a marshmallowy inside.

The glossy meringue crumbles as I cut my

first slice and a trail of marshmallow comes out.

When you bite into it

Roasted marshmallows

yield to my chew enveloping my tongue with a

duvet of sweetness.

Then the punch of the raspberries

cut through the creamy layer of softness.

Some people long to have a bite of

this paradise. Just the sight and smell of it brings a smile

to my face.

“Delicious!”: Pavlova.

After the sunshine, comes rain and it's been perfect weather for all our plants and seedlings.  Here's Finn with the tomatoes he's been growing and Isla and Ollie's planting bench.