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PE Provision & Premium

Swimming and After School Clubs

At St James Primary, we provide our children with the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons at Oakleigh Park swimming pool.  

Many of our after school clubs focus on promoting fitness and a love of sport.  We run football clubs, alongside gymnastics and fencing.  For more information on these, please click here If you would like more information on our PE Premium, you can download our PE Premium policy here

For more information on PE and sports competitions at St James Primary, please click here



According to a survey in the Spring term

  • 92% of our Year 6 can swim 25 metres confidently
  • 82% know breaststroke
  • 82%  know butterfly
  • 89% know front crawl
  • 30% have life saving experience

At the end of the Summer term we are delighted to say that all our Year 6 were confident swimmers


At St James Primary School, we recognise how important sport and PE is to the emotional, social and physical well being of our children.  We know from pupil surveys that our children enjoy their PE lessons – learning new sports and skills as well as developing their teamwork, resilience, determination and self belief.  Our PE takes a varied form and we provide a minimum of two hours of PE a week for Years 1 to 6.

Over the academic year, we cover Gymnastics, dance, netball, hockey, football, dodgeball, rounders, tennis, tag rugby, cricket and kwick cricket, volleyball, swimming, badminton, athletics, multisports and fencing.  For more information, please ask the School office for our PE long term planner.


PE Premium Grant

The government provides all schools with school sport funding to improve and sustain the breadth and quality of PE and sport provision.  Allocation for the academic year 2018 – 2019 is calculated on the basis of the number of pupils on roll in the January 2018 census.  Consequently the school receives £16,000 and an additional £10 per pupil.


Our intended outcome for 2018-19 are

  • To support the delivery of the PE curriculum through specialist coaches
  • To increase the knowledge and confidence of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • To increase pupil enjoyment and participation in a range of healthy activities
  • To raise the profile of sport and games across the school
  • To raise the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • To broaden the experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • To increase participation in competitive sport
  • To increase opportunities for participation of all pupils in a range of extra curricular activities


For the academic year 2018 -2019, we propose to spend our grant in the following ways

  • To ensure the delivery of high quality PE sessions across the school within and beyond curriculum time
  • To extend the breadth of our PE and sport offering to all pupils
  • To help fund specialist coaching to model and teach lessons
  • To help fund intervention programmes through sport at lunchtimes and before school
  • To ensure that the majority of pupils leaving us in Year 6 can swim a minimum of 25 metres confidently 


We are currently

  • Evaluating our current strengths and areas for development in PE and sport - following this we will development an implement a plan for continual improvement
  • Continuing to participate in sports competitions and tournaments to increase the profile and sport within school 
  • Enthusing staff where possible to run clubs
  • Working alongside teachers to increase their confidence and subject knowledge
  • Providing a broad range of after school and lunchtime clubs

Our projected spending for 2018 – 2019




Measuring evidence and impact 

Resource (planned or actual)

  • To improve the quality of teaching of PE in school and ensure the PE requirement is taught weekly
  • To increase our staff’s confidence, knowledge and skills PE and games
  • To ensure that our PE provision remains high quality during the day and after school
  • To ensure that the school has sufficient equipment to deliver outstanding PE lessons
  • To ensure the maintenance of current PE equipment to the highest safety standards
  • Employed trained coaches to deliver  a range of sporting activities  
  • Increased confidence in teachers in the delivery of PE lessons
  • Development of new key skills across the school
  • Improved children’s enjoyment and activity levels and promote active lifestyles
  • Measured by pupil, staff and parent questionnaires


  • To increase enjoyment and participation in fun sporting activities and PE across the school
  • A timetable that ensures a fair and broad playground rota including champ, football, cricket, shooting practice, hockey, basketball and swings to enhance playtimes and lunchtime
  • Run lunchtime football clubs – football, table tennis, cricket
  • Run afterschool clubs in fencing, gymnastics, football, multisports and chess and ensuring disadvantaged pupils are able to take part
  • Lower level of incidents and playground disputes recorded
  • To raise the profile of PE and sport across the school
  • Regular newsletter articles on sporting events or workshops that have occurred each week
  • Interhouse competition day (Summer term) to promote healthy competition in KS2
  • Whole school sports day in Highgate Woods with parent participation
  • Sport focused Do Something Different Day
  • Feedback from Governors, parents and children indicate that children like to take part in these activities and that the school enjoy reading about them in the newsletter and on the website


  • To broaden the experience of a range of sporting opportunities for our children
  • Employed a fencing coach to teach new skills to a number of Year groups
  • Ensured that all Year 5s have the opportunity to complete level 1 Bikeability course and progress to level 2 if possible
  • Run tennis taster sessions for Year 2
  • Run a Summer cricket programme for Year 4
  • Run martial arts workshops for Year 5 and 6
  • Run dance workshops for Year 4
  • Arranged dance and drama workshops for KS 1
  • To encourage children to find new ways of being active
  • To introduce children to new sports and skills
  • To encourage children to compete at their chosen sport
  • Measured by pupil questionnaire and articles for the newsletter






  • To increase participation in sport and competitions
  • Arranged tournaments in the following sports – football, netball, fencing and chess
  • Held achievement assemblies that recognise sporting achievements in and out of school
  • Published newsletter stories high lighting and promoting children’s achievements both in and out of school
  • Competitions held in football at Rhodes Avenue and National Primary School Chess Competition
  • Others planned for netball and kwick cricket


  • To ensure that pupils reach the national curriculum expectation for swimming by the time they leave St James Primary
  • Ensure that swimming is available to a number of Year groups (currently Years 4 and 5)
  • Undertaken a swimming questionnaire with Year 6 to identify any gaps in ability and cover with intensive half term workshops
  • To promote inclusiveness – to provide targeted support for vulnerable individuals  to raise their participation in sports
  • Contributed towards Year 5 and Year 6 residential school journeys
  • Funded after school club places for certain children
  • To ensure that every child is able to participate fully in PE and sporting activities



  • To ensure that PE is embedded across the curriculum and that all our pupils are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Organised 2 day whole school A life health and fitness workshops
  • Arranged a drugs and alcohol workshop for Year 6
  • To increase children’s awareness of the health benefits and enjoyment of exercise
  • To encourage children to find new ways of being active
  • To encourage children to be active outside of school
  • Measured by pupil surveys