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St James C of E Primary School

Learning to live, living to learn, learning from Christ

Take a look at some of the brilliant home learning our children have been doing this term (see our weekly newsletter for more information)


Work by Oli, William P, Sienna, Poppy and Harley

  • “Whiteboards scrawled with words”

The classroom is quiet and empty, like the whiteboard, which is waiting to be filled with knowledge like the pupil’s minds.

As the pupils rush in to the classroom ready to lean, the whiteboard smells clean and fresh and is eager to be written on with the different coloured markers whose scent fills the classroom.

As the day ends and the children leave the classroom as the cleaner comes in straight away to clean the word filled whiteboard and let it rest so it is ready for another day’s leaning.

  • “The lonely football boot”

The P.E. bags are hanging off the corner of the pupil’s desk filled will sportswear and smelly trainers.

As the children are getting undressed after their P.E. lesson a lonely football boot drops to the floor and is left on its own as the other boot is safely tucked up inside the P.E. bag.

As the classroom door is closed for the night the lonely football boot lays quietly under the desk waiting to be joined with the other boot the next day.

 Creative Writing by Baylee-Maye, Year 5, English

Writing by Annie in Year 1, Oliver R in Year 6 and Giulia in Year 5.

A recipe for a great Orator:

1 tablespoon of confidence.

500g of passion.

A teaspoon of practice.

1.5l of stamina.

90 grams of communication skills.

 Mix together until it is a smooth cream. Garnish with a teaspoon of audience engagement if needed.

Georgina (Year 6)

Lucas in Year 6's presentation on refraction

Isla in Year 2 retelling a fairytale

Noah's DT project

Powerpoint Presentations

To see a narrated  presentation by Holly in Year 6 on the London Eye Mystery, click here

To see an independently written presentation by Cayon in Year 5 on a newspaper report, click here