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Extra ideas and activities to do at home

From Ms O'Brien

I think that everyone is doing a remarkable job with all the challenges of home school learning. One of these can be the amount of time we are spending in front of a screen as indeed I am at this moment. Earlier this week, one of our families suggested that we make some time each week to be screen free!

While many of you might already be working in this way; I thought I would get together a few ideas for you to try out.  Every week, I hope to record a short piece for the children to watch and then encourage them to try one or two ideas. I would be delighted to see some of the results or have some of your ideas to share in the weeks ahead.

Joining me in this venture will be two ex-pupils, Beth and Millie, who are now at secondary school. The two of them about to embark on their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. Over the next few weeks, they will be contributing a cooking and an art idea for you to try at home. All of the ideas will be sent by email, but you can also access them here.

Brody's American fluffy pancakes