St James C of E Primary School

Welcome to our school website which I hope you will find both informative and a reflection of what is happening here at St. James School. We are a church school and our Christian values underpin a lot of our work and aspirations both for the children and the whole school community.


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies

As a school, we believe in supporting all aspects of children's development and learning and keeping children safe.

Here are some direct links to just some of our policies designed to keep our pupils safe.

Child protection policy

Safeguarding policy

Anti Bullying policy

E safety policy

Radicalisation and Extremism policy



To find out more about safeguarding follow these two links to other pages on our website

Safeguarding at St James

E Safety at St James


If you have any more questions or concerns about safeguarding, please come into the Office where we can help or send us an email at office@stjamesprimaryschool.co.uk.