St James C of E Primary School

Welcome to our school website which I hope you will find both informative and a reflection of what is happening here at St. James School. We are a church school and our Christian values underpin a lot of our work and aspirations both for the children and the whole school community.


Our Vision And Ethos

Learning to live, living to learn, learning from Christ


We believe as a Church of England school, in Jesus' promise of life in all its fullness.  We are all created in the image of God and so we respect the inherent worth of every child.  It is our duty and privilege to provide the best possible education for our children.

Our ambition, underpinned by our Christian faith, is to provide an outstanding education for all our children, which develops and nurtures the whole child so each individual can flourish confidently in life, now and the future.


Our objectives:

We will deliver an excellent education academically and for the whole person. 


We promote an inclusive, nurturing culture based on our Christian values, which fosters hope and aspiration, values each individual (pupil and teacher) and supports their emotional well being.  We ensure that each child has a voice and is treated with dignity and respect.


We deliver a safe environment for effective and fun learning and teaching.  We use our unique location and environment imaginatively


We work together as a vibrant community with our children, parents, St James Church, and our neighbourhood.


We want every child to enjoy their time at St James Primary School, flourishing and excelling whilst they are with us.  They will leave us ready for the next stage of education, prepared for life long learning.


We offer a breadth of curriculum opportunities by collaborating with other schools and using our resources creatively, enabling our children to thrive and broaden their horizons.


Nisi dominus frustra

Unless the LORD builds the house we labour in vain. Psalm 127 v1

What does this mean for the children at St James Primary School?

Here's what they think...


Delivering an excellent education

We are learning new things; we have excellent teachers; we can ask for help; we can be great at what we do

Promoting an inclusive, nuturing culture

We are all equal; we value everyone here; we are kind; we make friends; we look out for each other; we are welcoming; we are all different; we are respectful of everyone and everything; we are all important; we are all part of the school family; we can speak up; we like to help each other

Delivering a safe environment for effective and fun learning and teaching

We stay safe; we listen to each other; we listen to our teachers; we have fun; we can learn; we have imaginations; we are heard

Working together as a vibrant community

We co operate and work well with others; we are hopeful; we are welcoming; we treat everyone with dignity and respect; we believe in different things

Enjoying our time at St James

We are learning to find our place in the world; we are getting ready for secondary school; we have fun; we are grateful for all that we have

Offering a breadth of curriculum

We are trying new things; we like to learn